Perception; Karma; Reincarnation; Spirit; 7 Days of creation; Revelations
        Perception; Karma; Reincarnation; Spirit; 7 Days of creation; Revelations

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This website is dedicated to those who are seekers of the highest truth. Many believe they have reached the point of realization, but the real truth lies within Isaiah, Erzeikel, and Revelations. Only the Choosen One can truly decipher  what was written so long ago. Being born removes any trace of memory in previous lifetimes and the only thing that seems to make it through is feelings. To live many lives as male then to come into life as female would have feelings drawn towards females and vise-versa. Fearing heights, snakes and spiders, as well as small rooms also counts for this. This site is not for everone, those who find any of this too difficult to believe is most likely under karmic influences. And that is one thing inescapable as well as the very thing God understands only to well. To understand why tragedies occur, one must look far into the future to see any good, on the other hand young childern who pass over from the earthly realm in most cases are much older spiritually speaking and can regain so much more then even suspected by those who feel the loss.

   These are just some of the ideas that will be brought forth in weeks to follow provided there in interest by dropping a line. For free music check wix Thank you for your attension and visit.

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